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KOA’s star dish, the restaurant in Palma, according to our executive chef


Walking through the area of la Lonja in Palma, we leave the sea behind to venture in to a Palma that’s more authentic and glows in the old town. On Sant Joan street we stop in front of one particular restaurant, Its careful wooden decoration gives airs of modernism through an intercultural journey. It’s KOA. Tapas, gourmet pizzas, cocktails and grilled recipes are served every night in one of the most cosmopolitan districts of the city. Once inside this charming spot, a team of professionals welcomes us, the executive chef of Forn Projects confesses which is the star dish of this restaurant in Palma.


KOA and Forn Projects

KOA is one of the three restaurants that make up Forn Project. Forn Sant Joan and Ombu are its siblings, and each has their own signature style. In this instance we find ourselves betting on coals as the main cooking tool as they are used to create dishes that transport you to the different corners of the world. Our chef creates a menu that brings together the best in the kitchen such as all kinds of meat, fresh fish, hamburgers and succulent starters that will make your mouth water during the most special of evenings. But there is always one dish that stands out the most. And although it may be a subjective question, the chef spills his favourite.


A gastronomic experience

“At Forn Projects there are three different gastronomic experiences in existence. One for each one of the restaurants. Ombu, for example, is a place for very fun tapas, flavours with a lot of spark and dynamism. Koa plays with the grill and at Forn Sant Joan its Mediterranean cuisine that pure and well crafted. What we look for is to transmit this experience in each dish, on a flavour and sensitive level” explains the chef.

The cook spends the day looking for the formula that indicates which will be the next dish on the menu. And although it may seem like a lie, it all begins on paper: “I tend to start by writing little notes. I then go on to a big table, whether it be at home or in the office, and if I have a lot of changes or ideas, I put all my notes together and look around, studying and thinking”, the boss of the kitchen explains. That’s how I created the star dish, under the judgement of the restaurant in Palma Koa.


The chefs weakness

“At Koa we have recently made a significant and great change to the menu. What stands out is the lamb with an infused jus, which we love, and with a sliced avocado salad that is simply delicious”, he confesses. “We cook it at a low temperature and grill it on the coals. Which we accompany with an anise and soy jus which fuses perfectly with the tenderness of the meat leaving a smoky touch”, our creative chef unveils.

The chef, feels devotion towards lamb and suckling pig, explaining why this dish is so special and why it is so loved. The union between the tenderness of the lamb, its seasoning and grilled characteristics of KOA make this an impeccable dish from this restaurant in Palma.


Come and try it at our restaurant in Palma

After getting to know the chefs weakness, it’s difficult to resist the temptation. You don’t even need to think about it: Come and try our lamb with an infused jus! Don’t be the last try it and reserve your table now at our restaurant in Palma.


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