Discover our gourmet pizzas | KOA, restaurant in Palma

Discover the gourmet pizzas at KOA, restaurant in Palma


The ancient Egyptians used to cook them, the Italians have made them their own and they are a big guilty pleasure within our society. Pizza is the king of the Mediterranean diet. It’s far from being considered an unhealthy food product that damages our health, this well rounded dish of dough, cheese and an infinite list of possibilities gives added nutritional value to our body. At KOA restaurant in Palma, we have an ambitious and gourmet offering of pizzas for all tastes. In this article we will be telling you about the eight varieties of pizza that make up an important part of our menu.


At our restaurant in Palma, with a designation of origin

We love to incorporate local produce in to our dishes. That is why, in our gourmet pizza offering at our restaurant in Palma you will find options that will transport you to the core of the Balearics and another which will allow you to taste the essence of Spain.

The “Flama” is the pizza that represents our beloved archipelago. And it’s done with spice: on the dough there is Sobrasada and Mahon cheese, which is complemented by spicy chorizo in an explosion of flavour which contrasts with the apricot cream and the sweetness of the honey. And on top, a touch of green with: rocket.

The “Berenice” is a pizza that meet somewhere between Spain and Italy. It has Iberian ham, and authentic star of Spanish gastronomy, along with it you will find on the dough half-dried tomatoes, tapenade, parmesan and rocket. A gourmet pizza with fresh touches.


For those who love risky flavours

Intensity and strong and risky flavours are factors which many look for in a pizza. At KOA we offer the “Montanya”, our pizza created with Butifarra sausage, Boletus mushrooms, herb oil and alioli. A lively delight which highlights the treasures of the mountains and fulfils expectations with a lot of body. Our “Cajun” pizza, on the other hand, comes straight from Louisiana in the USA. We serve it with marinated Cajun chicken and the greatest essence of Mexico: guacamole, tomato, jalapeños and coriander. A complete homage to Cajun culture, which has gifted us such powerful flavours.




Meat, and its versatility on pizzas

At our restaurant in Palma KOA we are specialists at cooking with coal. That is why we know all of the secrets when it comes to cooking meat and its concoctions. Given this, we wanted to incorporate in our pizza an ingredient that is so select and juicy, beef. On our “Torino” pizza you will find delicate beef carpaccio served in a classic way with parmesan and rocket and dressed with chimichurri. If you opt for the “Indie” pizza, you will enjoy fileted beef with mushrooms and roast peppers covered in béarnaise sauce. Our gourmet pizzas also represent the essence of cooking on coals in their maximum expression.


Vegetarian pizzas at our restaurant in Palma

At KOA we also have a gastronomic offer that’s centred on the vegetarian diet. Not everything is meat, and these pizzas prove that. Our “Byron Bay” is an explosion of freshness and textures: Burrata cheese, candied tomatoes, pesto and basil cover the dough to transport you to Italy and its gastronomy. Our “Melazane”, has as its main star, flame grilled aubergine. Its intense flavour is complemented by ricotta cheese, cane honey, basil and truffle. A gourmet option that will leave you wanting more.


Come and try them!

If you want to try one of our delicious pizzas, don’t hesitate in reserving your table at KOA restaurant in Palma. You won’t regret it!


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