Our restaurant in Palma encourages you to practice yoga | KOA Restaurant

Our restaurant in Palma encourages you to practice yoga

At our restaurant KOA our customers’ general well-being, in other words, a balance of body and mind, is important to us. We know that a healthy mind can only exist within a healthy body and that to achieve that we not only have to take care of what we eat, as we do with our creations and dishes, but it is also important to exercise regularly. At KOA we think that there is no sport like yoga when it comes to harmonising your body and mind, and so we want to present the best yoga hotspots in Mallorca.


Yoga: more than a sport

Yoga is an ancestral tradition which was first conceived in India and which not only benefits the body, but also the mind and the soul. It is always striving to find balance by creating a union, the word ‘yoga’ means ‘union’, via postures, known as asanas, and controlling the breath, the pranayama. It is a holistic philosophy which is divided into different styles, the most popular styles are probably hatha, ashtanga, vinyasa and kundalini. Yoga has become extremely popular over recent years and many yoga schools and centres have been opened in Mallorca, not forgetting the fact that the island is perfect for yoga retreats, as we are surrounded by idyllic scenery which really helps when trying to disconnect from your daily life and focus on your inner self.


Practice ashtanga and kundalini yoga in Palma

Our restaurant in Palma would like to recommend some shalas (studios) where you can either perfect your practise or try this sport which many people claim has changed their lives. Let’s begin with two places where you can enjoy a class just like the ones in India, Mysore Mallorca and Ashtanga Mallorca studios which offer Mysore style ashtanga classes. Ashtanga is a tradition which was established by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois whereby each yogi practises at their own rhythm, but there are also guided classes for beginners or those wanting to improve their alignment, breathing technique etc. In comparison to hatha yoga, which ashtanga is a part of, kundalini focuses more on meditation, mudras and breathing exercises even though it does also include certain asanas. If you would like to discover a slightly more spiritual type of yoga, we recommend Zunray Yoga Studio, which also offers many different workshops, including detox and yoga for kids.


Yoga retreats in Mallorca

Do you sometimes feel that you would just like to ‘retreat’? Well, now you have the chance to do so in Mallorca thanks to the retreats organised by Ananda Mallorca in Soller. ‘Ananda’ is sanskrit and means ‘complete happiness’, something which the founder Nadine Hawa would like to share with us. At the beautiful Son Salas estate located in the valley of Soller and surrounded by abundant nature, she organises all kinds of workshops which feature the world of yoga such as, fitness and holistic retreats, always tapping into the purest forms of yoga. Join these retreats, either by yourself, or with a friend or relative to refresh and renew from the inside out whilst enjoying a truly unique experience.


Nourish your new energy at our restaurant in Palma

Our mind lives inside our body and to maintain the body in optimum conditions we must nourish it well, which is why we always opt for local fresh produce to create sophisticated dishes at our restaurant in Palma KOA. Complete your yoga practise with our creations and achieve a perfectly balanced body and mind. To enjoy a holistic experience for body, mind and soul all you have to do is book your table at KOA. Bon profit y namasté!

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