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The magic of fire in our cocktails at KOA, our restaurant in Palma

The ambitious and select offering of cocktails at KOA, restaurant in Palma, is much more than an experience of flavours. Our clients who come to try our cocktails live a complete odyssey of the senses which complements our menus most special beverages. Amongst all of the cocktails which we serve, the Hokule stands out the […]

Discover the Josper oven at KOA, our restaurant in Palma

Chargrilled cuisine is the main characteristic of KOA, our restaurant in Palma. But there is a select and exclusive star behind the flavor and essence of our dishes: the Josper oven. It is a high range appliance which offers a supreme quality when grilling and creates unique flavours and aspects. Our gastronomic offer, based on […]

Discover the gourmet pizzas at KOA, restaurant in Palma

The ancient Egyptians used to cook them, the Italians have made them their own and they are a big guilty pleasure within our society. Pizza is the king of the Mediterranean diet. It’s far from being considered an unhealthy food product that damages our health, this well rounded dish of dough, cheese and an infinite […]

The magic of cooking on coals at KOA, our restaurant in Palma

Cooking on coals is the essence of tradition, popular culture and the weakness of the big figures in contemporary cuisine. Although this technique dates back 800,000 years, it has continued to live on. At KOA, our restaurant in Palma, we have a gastronomic offer which is based around coal and its embers. On our menu […]

KOA’s star dish, the restaurant in Palma, according to the executive chef

Walking through the area of la Lonja in Palma, we leave the sea behind to venture in to a Palma that’s more authentic and glows in the old town. On Sant Joan street we stop in front of one particular restaurant, Its careful wooden decoration gives airs of modernism through an intercultural journey. It’s KOA. […]

Our restaurant in Palma encourages you to practice yoga

At our restaurant KOA our customers’ general well-being, in other words, a balance of body and mind, is important to us. We know that a healthy mind can only exist within a healthy body and that to achieve that we not only have to take care of what we eat, as we do with our […]

Our restaurant Koa has all the details on Easter in Palma

Easter is a very important event in the Mallorcan events calendar. Palma welcomes various traditional acts, in which star many of the different brotherhoods of the city. As a restaurant in Palma, from Koa we will describe some of the events which stand out most.   Friday of Sorrows and Palm Sunday The “Processó dels […]

Celebrate a magical Christmas and New Year’s eve at our restaurant in Palma

Christmas is definitely the most wonderful time of the year. The capital of Mallorca has lots of things going on during the festive period so you will never be short of something to do. As Christmas approaches Palma de Mallorca is transformed into a twinkling dream with cute fairy lights hanging in the picturesque narrow […]
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